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Manufactured saw blades

Chilliwack’s Blade Professionals

In 1988, Les and Lynn Wheaton established Wheaton Industrial Saws Ltd. They started out by sharpening and repairing band saws and circular blades for sawmills on Vancouver Island, BC. Business grew rapidly and more automatic equipment was purchased to meet the customers’ growing demands.


In 1994, Les and Lynn purchased 5 acres and built a 12,000 square foot shop in Errington to begin manufacturing their own band saw blades. In 2012, the team purchased assets from a manufacturing plant and opened a new location in Chilliwack. Darren Wheaton currently serves as the manager of our Chilliwack location and has extensive experience in manufacturing bands.


We custom manufacture large and small band saw blades for residential and commercial purposes. We’re proud to be the only plant in Western Canada that manufactures wide band saws on-site. We ship our products across Canada and the USA.


Our goal is always to keep our customers happy with a well-crafted product, personal service and fair pricing.

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